Yoseph Yohannis

Logistics Assistant

Yoseph Yohannis is an experienced and dependable driver for the Geneva Global Ethiopia team. He is personable and professional, leveraging his experience and knowledge of Ethiopia to ensure the successful execution of travel logistics. Yoseph feels honored to be a member of the Geneva Global Ethiopia team.

Yoseph Yohannis is Geneva Global Ethiopia’s driver with more than eight years of experience in driving, navigating the varied terrain of Ethiopia and ensuring all Geneva Global team members are safe and secure.  Yoseph brings years of skills and a deep knowledge of the history and culture of the his country of Ethiopia. Yoseph works well under pressure and in difficult situations or environments. He can competently adapt to new cultures and communicates professionally and respectfully. Not only does Yoseph drive his colleagues to different destinations, but he also supports them in any way possible. He is dependable in fulfilling his responsibilities and would like to grow his professional skills.

As a driver, Yoseph’s current role is transporting people from or to a different area, as well as coordinating the logistics of travel. Yoseph ensures all vehicles are well taken care of, and that the service of the automobiles is done on time. Staff members get to their specific destination safely and on time. Yoseph is proud to be part of the Geneva Global Ethiopia team by taking his respective colleagues to the needed destination so that out-of-school children get the chance to get an education. Outside of his work at Geneva Global, Yoseph is passionate about textiles and fashion design.

What’s your favorite aspect of the Speed School program?

It’s very nice to see disadvantaged kids get a second chance at education through Speed School.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

I was interested in their work around education and kids. They are effective at what they do.

What’s an interesting fact that others would not know about you?

I am a fashion designer, and I was awarded the best handmade design of the year in 2013.

What’s your best travel advice?

Travel safely and always be willing or open to learn their culture and history. Always respect the culture.