Suzanne Muskin

Program Director

Suzanne works on the Girls First Fund team with particular attention to the countries of Niger and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She brings over 20 years of international expertise, in complex management environments, leading successful multinational teams to achieve great impact.

Suzanne combines a wealth of skills to build diverse teams and strong leadership focusing on objectives and impact. Whether leading from within the team, or as the team leader, Suzanne brings a valuable, positive attitude and proactive approach to work, problems, and challenges. Suzanne combines her passion for efficiency, quality, and speed with her energetic and positive attitude to inspire teams to do great work.

Suzanne has extensive experience in Africa in program design and development and relationship building and has an ease with fostering a co-creation process to implement highly effective programs across a variety of sectors, including conflict transformation, social norm change programs, and organizational development for small organizations. Her professional experience includes work with INGOs, UN agencies, the US government, and the World Bank.

She holds a MA in international affairs from Columbia University and a BA in French and Business from Queens University of Charlotte.

What’s your favorite travel site or project to visit and why?

I visited Lubumbashi, DRC to assist with the orientation of a panel that was to recommend Girls First Fund grant recipients in that country. It was important to interact with the panel of gender experts to not only share the priorities of the fund, but also to learn from the panelists and gain a deeper understanding of the context where they work. I was glad to make new contacts and to develop a stronger network for the Girls First Fund, so that we can reach even more girls.

How many countries have you visited?

I think I have traveled to 42, five of which I have lived in (not including the US).


Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

I lived in a few African countries for about 20 years, working in international development projects. My love for this type of work and Africa drew me to Geneva Global.  I am grateful to be able to work on such an innovative, grassroots fund for girls’ rights and ending child marriage.

What book, film or quote has shaped the way you think?

One of my favorite films is Shawshank Redemption for its human spirit and perseverance. A book that really left a mark on my thinking is The Fountain Head. I liked how it challenged my thinking when I read it as a young adult and how relevant it continues to be today.