Michelle Huttenhoff

Senior Philanthropy Advisor

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Michelle brings her design and strategy skills to help clients translate information and ideas into tangible action. She leverages the practice of human-centered design to approach problem solving and management.

Michelle Huttenhoff has built her career specializing in public policy, philanthropy, and community planning. She most recently served as the Community Planning Policy Director at SPUR, an urban planning and research think-tank in California.

Previously she worked as the Economic Development Manager at the City of Miami Beach and as Program Associate at the Knight Foundation where she oversaw and managed the grantmaking for eighteen small to mid-size communities across the country.  Michelle is a city enthusiast and has focused both her academic and professional career on how investment in place can increase economic opportunity and social capital.

She has a Masters in Public Policy from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Post-Secondary Education from the University of Miami. She was a 2017 Funders Network PLACES Fellow and a 2021 recipient of the Harvard Business School Young American Leaders Program. Michelle also serves as an adjunct professor at Central Piedmont Community College where she teaches American Government.

What three words would you use to describe your colleagues?

Diplomatic, kind, strategic.

What brings you joy?

I am an animal obsessed city enthusiast. I love exploring cities, traveling to new places, and petting and saving any stray animal that I come in contact with.

What’s your best travel advice? Stay curious!

My favorite places are the ones that I stumbled upon — being open to going down a different path.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

I was inspired by the mission and culture of the company. I was excited to land at an organization that valued creativity, challenge, and constant learning.