Meseret Ayehu

Finance Officer

Meseret is a Finance Officer at GGI. She specializes in guiding multi-level systems and programs to success while adhering to regulations and upholding a high standard of transparency.

Meseret has worked in a variety of settings, in the private sector, local NGO, International NGO, and Government organizations. Meseret has obtained her MBA from the Lead Star College of Management and Leadership. Previously, Meseret had notable success in her field with the Agricultural Transformation Agency. She learns quickly from others and loves to share her knowledge with others. She seeks to contribute all her expertise and experience towards the development of the Speed School program.

Meseret is a Finance Officer who supports the team in different capacities to deliver results and achieve the success of the program. Her role is to carry out finance-related works in the company including but not limited to reviewing grant documents, giving advice to collaborating partners of GGI, supporting requests from diverse stakeholders, providing timely solutions, and coordinating collaborations within her team. She also ensures that the organization adheres to proper rules and regulations such as settling government taxes on time.

What is your favorite part of the Speed School Program?

The Speed School program has created a good opportunity for the most marginalized children to get an education, which makes the program very important.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

I decided to work at Geneva Global when I found out about the Speed School program, and it made me more interested because it aligns with my passions.

Where would you travel if you got the chance?

If I were given the opportunity/chance, I would like to visit New York, the USA, Hong Kong, and China.

What is your best travel advice?

My best travel advice is to be open to learning the culture of the place you’re visiting and check the security.