Meron Getachew

Finance Assistant

Meron is a Finance Assistant at Geneva Global Ethiopia. Her role entails preparing payments and maintaining financial reports and providing general support to the Finance Department.

With a background and training in different financial sectors, Meron brings responsible oversight to myriad financial tasks. She is committed to meeting deadlines and takes responsibility for the quality of her performance. She enjoys work that challenges her and pushes her to think outside the box. Meron especially enjoys situations where she is able to work with other people to bring about a creative solution.

Before Geneva Global, Meron worked in different private limited companies and accounting firms. As a finance assistant at Geneva Global Ethiopia, Meron’s role entails preparing payments and maintaining supreme financial reports, preparing tax returns and ensuring that taxes are paid appropriately on time, identifying issues and strategizing solutions, and ensuring that GGI runs efficiently. With a BA in accounting and finance, Meron wants to bring a positive contribution to the growth of Geneva Global and the development of children’s education.

What is your favorite Aspect of speed school program?

The Speed School program provides education for out-of-school children in Ethiopia, providing them with learning and life opportunities they otherwise would not have.

What is favorite part of your job?

My Favorite part of the job is  the loving GGI Culture. I  enjoy working with and learning from everyone.

What place do you hope to visit?   

If I get the opportunity, I would like to visit Rome. I have great affection for Rome’s culture, ancient architecture, and natural beauty.


What is your best travel advice?

My best travel advice is patience– it is my top travel tip. Life is much too short to be angry and annoyed all the time while traveling.