Mark Reiff

Senior Program Director

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Mark has thrived on diving into the philanthropic challenges his clients are facing and co-creating practical, good practice solutions.

Mark’s current work includes a blend of longer-term program management assignments and shorter-term program consultancies. Whether he finds himself in rural areas of less developed countries or in high-rise offices, he loves listening to the challenges people are facing in their work to make the world a better place, brainstorming solutions, and then offering his full energy to making those solutions a reality. During his tenure with Geneva Global, this process has included a few notable adventures:

  • Helping to launch the END Fund’s first program portfolio across 15 countries, reflecting approximately $18 million in philanthropic investments. During his secondment, he developed the technical expertise in public health and tropical medicine to help lead a team of field researchers studying schistosomiasis in Namibia.
  • Developing and delivering a curriculum on program design, strategy, and management to a broad range of clients, spanning small international and domestic NGOs to world-class international foundations.
  • Developed the monitoring and evaluation strategy and management system for a bilateral funder with a multi-billion-dollar program portfolio, and provided the staff training to operationalize it.
  • Working with a U.S.-based funder to articulate their philosophy of social impact, devised an index that helps score interventions against that philosophy, and designed dashboards to communicate that impact to both internal and external stakeholders.

Prior to Geneva Global, Mark completed a graduate program at Eastern University, earning degrees in Divinity and Business Administration, with a focus on International Economic Development. His undergraduate work was completed at Messiah College.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Getting to have the audacity to take on some of the world’s biggest challenges for our clients, and also pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible in each project to create something unique that both supports human flourishing and best meet our client’s goals. Navigating these complexities and observing glimmers of progress is immensely fulfilling for me.

What’s your best travel advice?

Eye masks and earplugs are woefully underrated. You can never have too much water, too little sugar or too much sleep. No matter what happens, remain calm, stay present and enjoy every bit of the ride – no matter good or bad, it’s a gift.

What’s your favorite travel site or project to visit and why?

In 2013, I did an extended field assignment in Namibia that was amazing. Apart from growing professionally during that time, the landscape and the country’s unique cultural blend of African, German, and English influences was fascinating (even though those influences are the product of colonialism and all its deserved baggage).

What brings you joy?

Watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, a well-salted medium-rare steak, or trips to the thrift store on a lazy Saturday.