Malorie Tull

Senior Program Director

Malorie advises clients on the design, implementation, evaluation, and communication of strategic grantmaking strategies to yield meaningful, lasting impacts that are trauma-informed and community-led.

Recognizing that community-initiated solutions catalyze innovative and lasting change to social issues, Malorie, on behalf of Geneva Global’s clients, works to support effective, locally-led organizations in the delivery of a range of human rights programming. Providing tailored technical assistance, Malorie engages local implementing partners with flexible grant management, participatory project design, and purposeful collaboration. Marrying her background in Communication and Social Work, Malorie imbeds a rights-based and trauma-informed approach throughout program design and management, ensuring that affected community members and grantee-partners are involved in decision-making processes, where possible. Malorie expertly links community-based organizations to one another in a managed grantee portfolio; an approach that has led to effective and aligned collective action and cross-learning, reduced unnecessary burdens on grantee partners, and minimized the duplication of efforts.

At Geneva Global, Malorie’s clear-sightedness and strategic approach has been leveraged in the design, set-up, and management of major pooled philanthropic funds including the Freedom Fund and the Girls First Fund. On behalf of the Freedom Fund, Malorie managed programs in India and Nepal focused on addressing the root causes of human trafficking.

Prior to joining Geneva Global, Malorie applied her skills and expertise in cross-cultural communication, program development, trauma-informed care, and resilience-building, while working with organizations focused on addressing human trafficking and the use of child soldiers. In Uganda, Malorie worked for an organization that provided recovery support to communities impacted by conflict in the northern part of the country, where she provided strategic oversight and operations management to the organization’s local programs.

Malorie holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from West Chester University and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Leadership Studies from Eastern University.

What’s your favorite part of your job??

My favorite part of my job is the opportunity that I have to learn alongside experienced colleagues from around the world. I love working with our consultants in India and Nepal and working together with local community members to identify innovative solutions to difficult issues.

What three words would you use to describe your colleagues?

Dedicated, creative, talented

What brings you joy?

I find joy in experiencing and exploring new places and opportunities, and I especially find joy in helping others do the same!

What’s your best travel advice?

Be open to new experiences and don’t ever expect things to go as planned! Consider each twist and turn in the journey as an opportunity to learn something new!