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Lisa Grewe

Operations Manager

Lisa helps to ensure the soundness of Geneva’s operational and IT structures, positioning the company to exceed clients’ expectations. As a member of Geneva Global’s charity and financial services team, she provides operational support for multiple nonprofit clients.

Lisa also lends her creative eye and design skills to client reports and communications materials. She has contributed her multi-faceted abilities in diverse roles throughout the growth of Geneva Global.

She has worked with Geneva’s regional teams as an operations coordinator, interim regional manager of the Asia research team and operations manager for Asia. She was involved in the project management of a $2.3 million U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) grant to 49 Sri Lankan organizations following the December 2004 tsunami.

Before joining Geneva Global in 2003, Lisa volunteered full-time with Washington, D.C.-based AmeriCorps, working with Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, where she gained experience in community development. Lisa has also worked as an architectural designer for Minneapolis-based Augsburg Fortress.

She graduated summa cum laude from Drexel University.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

While on vacation with my family as a child, I saw children my own age living in poverty and injustice. That experience stayed with me. I know my work at Geneva Global, even the mundane tasks, is a way to serve and stand with people in hard circumstances.

What three words would you use to describe your colleagues?

Without exception: kind, mission-driven, and creative

What’s an interesting fact that others would not know about you?

My husband and I have learned a number of dances together over the years: salsa, Philly bop, merengue, foxtrot, the waltz, and tango. Next up: the hustle?

What brings you joy?

Watching my children learn and grow.