Lindsay Burns


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A veteran strategist and communicator, Lindsay is uniquely skilled at getting to the heart of what’s important. She has more than a decade’s experience working alongside leading philanthropists and innovative organizations to help them chart their course and realize their goals.

Within the complex philanthropic ecosystems in which she works, she is able to visualize new concepts, intuit connections between stakeholders, and predict where current gaps will grow into future obstacles. Areas of expertise include organizational management, advocacy and communications, major donor partnerships, giving vehicles, and issue-specific research. With deep knowledge of the nonprofit sector, she is a go-to resource for clients looking to better navigate the philanthropy landscape.

As one example of her work, Lindsay worked alongside a client to design and build one of the world’s largest donor collaboratives that brings together a select group of high-profile philanthropists to support a major global health goal. She currently leads the partnership strategy for the collaborative and oversees the management of $600 million in grants. In addition, she spearheads the initiative’s donor communications, which utilize sophisticated storytelling methods and program metrics to create an overarching narrative that retains interest and drives momentum.

Previously, Lindsay worked with a Dubai-based foundation to support the launch and management of 27 global health and community development programs operating in 19 countries. In this role, she worked closely with senior program staff to design and implement grant and research initiatives. She also led the creation of the portfolio’s inaugural annual report, integrating detailed financial data with analysis on programmatic setbacks and advances to inform the foundation’s learning objectives.

Before joining Geneva Global, Lindsay worked in the areas of public relations, donor services, and community giving. She graduated summa cum laude from Bucknell University, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

At Geneva Global, we provide the support services and know-how to move from strategy to implementation; from vision to reality. It’s incredibly invigorating to help our clients realize their goals, take action, and create social change.

What brings you joy?

My husband’s stories. My daughter’s giggles.

What three words would you use to describe your colleagues?

Kind, nerdy, gracious

What’s your best travel advice?

Do your research ahead of time, pack only what you need, and make a point of eating street food.