Karen Robinson

CFO & EVP of Financial Services, Global Impact & Geneva Global

Karen’s career demonstrates expertise in building and leading successful businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Her experience spans domestic and international organizations, and diverse sectors such as financial services, education, philanthropy, consulting, and IT outsourcing. Karen has led organizations to financial success—from startups through businesses in distress—with her pragmatic approach to problem solving. Her record shows that when her advice and counsel are followed, there will be successful outcomes.

Whether leading and collaborating with internal teams, advising clients, sourcing vendors and solutions, or engaging with boards, Karen facilitates thoughtful discussion and decision-making and ensures actionable steps that lead to results. She has the ability to help organizations adapt quickly to change and build infrastructure that is right-sized for the needs of the business.

As Geneva Global’s CFO and COO, Karen spearheaded the build-out of the HR infrastructure to meet both domestic and international support needs, recognizing the connectivity that exists between people and results. She also built the back-office services for accounting, banking, risk management, IT, and legal, which have supported the growing organization over the past decade.

Karen has contributed to the evolution of Geneva Global’s business strategy, including an in-depth study of the wealth management sector that resulted in new referral partners. With the company’s infrastructure backbone in place, Karen recognized an opportunity to develop a shared services revenue platform and marketed this to nonprofits. In this capacity, she served as outsourced CFO for the END Fund and Luminos. Additionally, Karen serves as a Director for Capital for Good USA and leads the management of this nonprofit.

Outside the office, she enjoys initiating “forced marches” during time off with her family and loves outdoor activities including walking, hiking, skiing, golfing, and just being anywhere outside. She also enjoys listening to a wide variety of podcasts—suggestions welcome.

Karen has an MBA from Villanova and a BS in Business Administration/Accounting from the University of Richmond.


What’s your favorite travel site or project to visit and why?

All of them! I have been very fortunate to see most of our program work in person, and eagerly look forward to returning and visiting new spots. It is so inspiring to see the “doing” actually happening, people’s lives being changed, and all of the hard work that our team members (both at headquarters and in the field) have done to create amazing and impactful programs.

What three words would you use to describe your colleagues?

Passionate, life-long learners, doers

What’s an interesting fact that others would not know about you?

I really enjoy listening to country music. I like that many of the songs focus on traditional American values – and that’s something to be admired as we have evolved to be a great philanthropic society.

What’s your best travel advice?

Make copies of your passport and stick them in different pieces of luggage and carry-on bags that you have with you.