Julius Kyaligonza

Finance and Operations Manager

Julius is a financial management specialist with a proven track record of over 8 years with strong abilities to analyze accounting processes and identify practices and procedures that require correction or modification.

Julius Kyaligonza joined Geneva Global Uganda as Finance & Operations Manager in April 2020, bringing nearly 8 years of experience in financial management with global non-profit organizations and government projects. He has a rich and varied experience in multiple finance and operation roles. His extensive experience is complimented by his title as a Certified Public Accountant in addition to his undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Commerce -Accounting.

At Geneva Global, Julius supports the Speed School program with a primary responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day financial management and operations of the Uganda office while also monitoring the financial accounting, reporting, and operations of the program’s grantee Implementing Partners. He also ensures Implementing Partners adhere strictly to Geneva Global’s financial and other administrative practices and standards just as he ensures the transparent adherence of Geneva Global’s own finances and procedures.

Julius’ team recognizes him for his initiative and the many ways he has supported the improvement of accounting systems and financial management practices for Geneva Global and collaborating partners. He has advocated for and executed multiple process automation initiatives to bring about efficiency to operations. Julius has a led the finance team to deliver on challenging goals under demanding timelines. His leadership mantra is “Communication, commitment and positivity”.

Prior to joining Geneva Global, Julius rolled out an automated financial management system in a network of 28 low-cost secondary schools in over 26 districts in Uganda, improving efficiency and effectiveness in financial reporting, planning and budgeting, and frugal use of resources. Additionally, he worked closely with a team of experts with funding and/or support from UN- CDF in the digitization of school fee collection from over 20,000 parents as a way of driving efficiency and sustainability of school operations.


I was excited about the opportunity to join an international organization like Geneva Global because of its culture and search for new knowledge. I was eager to engage my skillset and experience  to not only bring value to the organization, but also, in turn, to acquire experience and sharpen my skills amidst the organization’s supportive, professional work culture.


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