Program Officer, Geneva Global Uganda

Joseph Clerici Larem

Joseph is a Program Officer at Geneva Global Uganda, managing and coordinating all Speed School activities in selected schools of the Otuke and Alebtong districts. Joseph trains and mentors facilitators in the Speed School model and methodologies, offers support supervision, and monitors Self Help Group activities to create a positive impact for students’ learning.

With a strong background in secondary education and social work, Joseph brings a holistic approach to address local challenges in Uganda’s education sector. He works deftly to create relationships across contexts, working with the relevant government officials, political actors, education officials– such as Primary Teachers Colleges, District Education Offices, District Inspectors, implementing partners, and community members to ensure the smooth running of Speed School classes in Northern Uganda. Joseph has a strong understanding of teaching pedagogy at all levels ranging from primary to high institutions of learning. This understanding informs how he manages and engages with others in and out of the classroom to promote lasting success. Joseph is passionate about and accomplished in advocating for the educational attainment of out-of-school learners.

As a member of the education team in Uganda, Joseph manages and coordinates all Speed School activities in the Lango Sub-Region. He ensures regular communication around project activities while engaging best practices to inform effective program design and delivery. Joseph trains and mentors facilitators, leads in the selection of learners, gives support supervision to Speed School classrooms, and monitors Self Help Group Activities.

Before coming to Geneva Global Joseph taught advanced secondary students for two years and then joined Comboni Samaritans of Gulu as a Field Officer for their AIDS care and treatment project. Following his exceptional performance, Joseph became the Program Officer for the Education Department of Comboni Samaritans of Gulu, where he was in charge of sponsorship for the disadvantaged children in the Acholi sub-region and part of the Lango sub-region. By the time Joseph joined Geneva Global, he had supervised the implementation of Speed School classes under Comboni Samaritans of Gulu for over two years. Joseph has a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Philosophical Studies

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

I share enthusiasm with the Geneva Global Uganda team to address the plight of Northern Ugandan children who have dropped out of school and have little chance to continue their education due to the post-war conflict. I recognize the unique value of the Speed School program in giving these children the opportunity to reenter school and continue


What brings you joy?

When my family is healthy and happy, and the satisfaction that my project participants and employer derive from my services.

What’s your favorite part of your job?’

I particularly enjoy field visits. Whenever I visit classrooms to offer support supervision, I gain a lot of insight from the facilitators, learners, teachers in the link schools, and parents or guardians. These experiences help me to improve my performance and motivate me to keep going.


What places do you hope to visit?

I hope to visit Ethiopia because they are also implementing the Speed School program. I wish to share and exchange insights and experiences regarding accelerated learning to better my work.