Jillian Getting

Accounting Manager

Jillian oversees Geneva Global’s day-to-day accounting functions as well as reporting requirements for several client projects. Her attention to detail and focus on the end user of any given function enables her to provide excellent customer service.

Jillian is result oriented, which means accurate and timely reporting to internal and external customers, as well as ensuring the customer finds the data useful. Her focus on seeking collaborative solutions enables Jillian to make a meaningful impact at Geneva Global. Driven by her commitment to social justice, she also co-leads the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion efforts within Geneva Global to achieve just and equitable policies and practices, inclusive culture, and diverse representation throughout the organization.

Prior to joining Geneva Global, Jillian held finance and accounting roles primarily in the non-profit sector. Her ability to build relationships with grantors and funders and to fulfill their requirements resulted in continued financial support.

She was also an insurance broker for a private consulting firm working with mid-sized companies to create the most efficient and cost-effective insurance programs. In a customer-oriented industry, she worked closely with the accounting department to ensure accurate and relevant reports were provided in a timely manner.

Jillian received her B.A. degree from Chestnut Hill College and her M.F.A. from Rosemont College.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

The feeling of finding a solution after working through a thorny problem.

What three words would you use to describe your colleagues?

Intelligent, kind, and supportive.

What brings you joy?

Reading novels of all genres.

What book, film, or quote has shaped the way you think?

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankel taught me that we will discover more satisfaction in pursuing what we find meaningful than seeking pleasure.