Hannington Kakembo

Deputy Program Director

As Deputy Program Director of Speed School in Uganda, Hannington harmonizes the efforts and insights of beneficiaries, implementers, and donors to ensure the successful implementation, operation, and expansion of the program.

He joined Geneva Global in 2004 as a research analyst in East and Central Africa. Since then, he has served the team in various capacities. Hannington plays a key role in linking government entities and local community leadership, ensuring  the smooth operation of the Speed School program at both the local/community and national levels. He is a strong advocate of Speed School as a “second chance.”

Prior to joining Geneva Global, Hannington graduated with a B.A (Social Science) from Makerere university, majoring in International Relations along with a degree in education from Kyambogo University. Hannington began his carrier with Hudig Veder and Dammers BV, an international logistics and development firm based in the Netherlands. He acquired strategic planning skills which served as an entry point to international development work.

As Deputy Program Director, Hannington guides the program and ensures a smooth implementing atmosphere in which all three dimensions of the program (beneficiaries, implementers and donors) achieve their set goals. He is central to the day to day management of the country office and always strives to cultivate unity and strong team work among all in-country staff. Whenever there is a donor/client trip to the field, Hannington supports the U.S. headquarters with strategic logistic planning to ensure visitors have a positive, first-hand experience of the program and its beneficiaries on the ground. Hannington’s stewardship has helped the Speed School program expand from one district at the program’s inception, to the currently scaled program that covers over 10 implementing districts. His ambition is to see the program adopted Nationally in the near future.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

The favorite part of my job is at the initial contact/ inception of the program– that first moment when I meet with the selected beneficiaries. In those moments I see the potential for individuals and communities to transform and become better. I believe in creating a platform for individuals and communities to realize their potential, work hard, and achieve their dreams.

What is your best piece of travel advice?

My best travel advice would be “to study village in villages” and remain proper anthropologists. Before you take a trip, try to imagine that you belong to that destination where you want to go. Your final destination, and everything you experience along the way, will never disappoint you!!!