Gezahegn Melese Yimer


Gezahegn is a vehicle driver with a 3rd level driving license and a decade of experience achieving results for different Governmental and NGOs projects across Ethiopia. He takes pride in his role as driver as he understand he is integral to ensuring the smooth operation of Geneva Global Ethiopia’s programs and therefore improving the quality of education for out of school children.

With a background in a range of Governmental and NGOs working in different projects, places, and cultures in Ethiopia, Gezahegn plays a key role in ensuring all project activities run smoothly in his role as Driver. He has certified in diploma (Level III) in General Automotive Mechanics and has 3rd Grade valid driving license. He has more than 10 years of experience with a variety of International Non-Governmental Organizations including Save the Children International (SCI), USAID, and Action Contre la Faim (ACF) as a driver.

Gezahegn is cheerful and passionate whenever transporting staff, authorized passengers and goods from place to place as instructed. He is responsible for minor vehicle maintenance and safeguarding. As a member of the Speed School Program team, Gezahegn prioritizes the safety of his passengers above all else. He is always punctual and ensures passengers in the vehicle understand the route, route planning, timing, communication procedures, security situation, etc. understanding that good communication is key to passenger safety in all situations.

What is your favorite aspect about the Speed School program?

My favorite aspect on Speed School program is the intervention is on time and quite important for the country since the quality of education is almost dead and the problem is on the table for the policy makers.

What three words would you use to describe your Geneva Global colleagues?

Sincere, virtuous, and transparent

What brings you joy?

I love to spend time in nature whenever I can but above all else what brings me joy is helping those in need where I can.