Getenet Wegayhu

Program Manager

As the monitoring and evaluation specialist for Speed School programs in Ethiopia, Getenet’s work focuses on program progress tracking and evaluation.

Over his 13 years in the development sector, Getenet has garnered broad experience working for international organizations, including the United Nations. He has the qualifications and abilities to provide key analytical support to Geneva Global in Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, Database Design and Development, Information System Management, and Digital Learning and Training Systems. Getenet holds degrees in Information Systems (IS) and Business Administration (MBA). He has attended certification programs in Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Management, and Software Application Development. He is recognized for his competency in program development, data management, and deploying advanced monitoring and evaluation systems.


As M&E Specialist, Getenet provides expertise focusing on program outcomes and impact and integrating information into existing Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, programming decisions, and collaboration with partners. He contributes to Geneva Global’s intellectual leadership by helping to coordinate and execute the GGE’s analytical, evaluation, and learning agendas to all programs. Getenet  demonstrates precise technical and management skills. Particularly, he has achieved great results in monitoring and evaluation, research and development, data analytics and information management, and deploying state of the practice technologies that have helped to advance Geneva Global’s performance. 


Before joining Geneva Global, Getenet gained valuable experience in monitoring and evaluation, data management system development, mobile application development, and case tracking and management systems. He was able to manage five complex projects simultaneously and has valuable experience in project management. He has worked closely with big business corporations in Ethiopia including BGI Ethiopia and Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX). 

What is your favorite travel site or project to visit and why?

I enjoy visiting the Speed School program in the Wenji area of Ethiopia, because the students from there are always very creative and motivated to learn. It’s great to see in person.

Why did you decide to work with Geneva Global?

Geneva Global has an investment mindset, and guarantees that every penny spent will have a significant impact on people lives. That, to me, is important.

What places do you hope to travel?

Earth Level Travel : My family and I will be travelling to Dubai, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Germany, Spain, USA, and Brazil.

Space Level Travel : I hope one day my son and I will be travelling to the Space with Elon Musk’s SpaceX company.

What book, film or quote has shaped the way you think?

The books that are shaping me are The Power of Now, A New Earth, The Science of Getting Rich, and Think and Grow Rich. My leading quote is “ You become what you think about”