Elleni Giorgis

Finance Director

Elleni Giorgis is Geneva Global Ethiopia’s Finance Director. She leads a team of three in-country and works closely with Geneva Global’s Headquarters finance team to ensure donors and partners satisfied.

In her role as Finance Director at Geneva Global, Elleni leads a team of three and works closely with Geneva Global’s leadership to ensure all projects are running smoothly. To this position, Elleni brings more than ten years of experience in finance and administration in the NGO sector. She is experienced in providing capacity-building trainings on topics like finance and administrative. Elleni regularly collaborates Geneva Global Ethiopia’s many granting partners  and donors, regarding budget planning and grants. Elleni is a competent consultant and collaborator for Geneva Global’s partners and stakeholders. She believes teamwork is the most effective strategy to achieving a goal and finds motivation in learning new things, solving problems creatively, and leading a team to success.

Currently, Elleni’s is responsible for directing Geneva Global’s finance team. She works closely with the her team on day-to-day activities, making sure operations run smoothly and on time. Elleni takes great pride in the way she has made her way up the ranks at Geneva Global from Accounting Officer to Accounting Director and is eager to continue taking on more leadership as she continues to guide her team. Her greatest motivation is learning new things, finding innovative ways to solve problems creatively, and leading her team to success.

What inspires the work you do?

When I visited a classroom, I was struck by how confident, engaged, and energized the students were during activity-based lessons. They have a big vision and mission.

What three words would you use to describe your colleagues?

Self-motivated, Hardworking, Responsible

What is your favorite part of the Speed School Program?

GG helps disadvantaged children to get an education, but also provides opportunities for student’s mothers to work together to generate new work opportunities, added income, and collect savings.