Desalegn Shanko Gashebo

Program Director, ECW-MYRP

Desalegn Shanko Gashebo is Geneva Global Ethiopia Program Director, managing the Education Cannot Wait Multi-Year Resilience Program, leading a team implementing education programs for internally displaced children.

Desalegn Shanko Gashebo prides himself for being a pedagogue expert with significant experience in the measurement and evaluation of education programs. He started his work in the early 80s by training teachers in teachers’ training institutes. In addition, he was a director of a high school and lectured at tertiary levels. He worked as a team leader for curriculum design and evaluation. In his later career, Desalegn managed integrated development programs, child labor programs, emergency education, and development education programs.

In his work on the Education Cannot Wait Multi-Year Resilience Program, Desalegn brings experiences in educational leadership in different sectors, emergency education, and education development.  Desalegn has a profound knowledge of education theories and the effective application of those theories. He brings a rich experience of designing flexible programs which engage educational philosophies and theories with a pragmatic approach.

Prior to joining Geneva Global, Desalegn worked for Save the  Children, Bethany Christian Services, Pact, and World Vision as a training coordinator and manager of integrated development programs, alternative childcare programs, and child labor programs. He worked for the government as a team leader in several positions. He conducted several program evaluations for the Ministry of Education funded by the World Bank, Save the Children, VSO, and World Vision in the areas of education and child protection.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

I was first exposed to Geneva Global through my friends who joined the organization and spoke very highly of the culture at the office. Their work aligned well with my experience and passion for education.

What’s your favorite part of your job?’

I like to work at Geneva Global because there is constant innovation happening. The efforts of Geneva Global give a second chance to out-of-school children and serve to reform the rigid education system. I like to develop and collaborate on these innovative strategies.