Denish Opiyo

Program Officer

As a Program Officer at Geneva Global Uganda, Denish is responsible for managing and coordinating all Speed School activities in and around the areas of Gulu. Denish trains facilitators, provides support supervision, mentoring and coaching to facilitators, and monitors Self Help Group Activities to ensure Speed School’s impact is life changing and long lasting for all beneficiaries..



With a background in primary and teacher education, Denish brings a holistic approach to address local challenges within Uganda’s education sector. He works adeptly with government representatives as well as education officials such as representatives from the local Primary Teachers Colleges, District Education officials, inspectors and implementing partners to create relationships across context. Denish has established and fostered relationships with education stakeholders across the sector from high-ranking government officials to community members at the local level, for the smooth operation of Speed School classes in Northern Uganda. He is a passionate advocate for out-of-school learners to reenter the conventional schools and continue with their studies.

Prior to joining Geneva Global, Denish taught primary school learners and provided adult literacy education to school drop -outs. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Teacher Education from Kyambogo University he taught at a Primary Teachers College for three months.

Today, as a member of the education team in Uganda, Denish manages and coordinates all Speed School activities in the greater Gulu area. He ensures regular communication between projects utilizing best practices to inform program design and delivery. Denish applies his experience as an educator to train Speed School facilitators by administering workshops and other training approaches. In addition to training facilitators, he leads the selection of learners, provides additional support supervision, mentoring, and coaching to facilitators, and monitors Self Help Group activities in and around the areas of Gulu.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

I was excited about the opportunity that GGU would bring to a number of children who dropped out of the education cycle in Northern Uganda and had no chance to continue with their studies due to the Post War Conflict. GGU and the Speed School program provide them the opportunity to renter school and continue learning. I decided to work at GGU to support this initiative and realize the educational aspirations of such children.

What places do you hope to visit?

Ethiopia. I hope to visit  to share perspectives on the Speed School program and make comparisons for better improvement.


What’s your favorite part of your job?’

Field Visits. Whenever I go for support supervision, I gain insight into the experience of facilitators, learners, teachers in the link schools, and parents or guardians. These experiences help me to improve my performance and deepen my commitment to the program.