Carrita Thomas


Carrita is a systems thinker who is skilled at redefining challenges by thinking critically about the ecosystems that clients operate in and helping them connect the dots between opportunities. With the big picture in mind, she is also passionate about using data and evidence to help clients achieve their goals – and increase their impact.

Carrita helps clients communicate their vision, engage stakeholders and source new funding to increase their impact. Her work includes reporting on a foundation’s granting initiative and designing a partnership strategy for a philanthropic fund. She also supports the relationship management process for a large family foundation.

Prior to Geneva Global, she drew on her interest in the intersection of private enterprise and development as a financial analyst at a multinational bank. Carrita used her analytical skills to support a portfolio of multilateral development banks, sovereign wealth funds and central banks. This experience lent Carrita expertise in the financial structure of development institutions, particularly the funding mechanisms used to finance new programs. She has used her skills in research and engagement at internships at Asia Society in New York and a women’s rights NGO in New Delhi.

Carrita graduated from Dickinson College with a major in International Business and Management and a certificate in International Security Studies. She studied abroad in India and has also lived in Thailand, Peru, and Tanzania.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Every day I feel lucky that I get to be part of the amazing work that our clients are doing. With awesome colleagues added to the mix, coming to work is truly a pleasure.

What three words would you use to describe your colleagues?

Smart, high-performing, and fun!

What brings you joy?

Planning vacations, a good cheese plate, and watching my dog play at the beach.

What’s your best travel advice?

I always like to have the first day of my trip fully planned out. Often there are many things to do when traveling in a new place. But choosing activities while jet lagged is overwhelming! I leave a few days free at the end of my trips, so I can be spontaneous.