Beth Zimmerman

Beth Zimmerman

Program Director

Beth provides strategic and analytical support to grantmaking programs and donor collaborative funds.

Seeking to balance client expectations with the needs of grantee-partners on the ground, Beth specializes in the development of grantmaking systems and processes that reduce barriers for local organizations, while also ensuring that our clients’ investments are well-managed, effective, and high-impact. Throughout project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, she is committed to finding solutions that build upon and strengthen the capacities of grantee-partners to employ locally-led approaches to address complex social issues. Beth also plays a key role in the evaluation of grantee-partners’ financial and impact data reporting, using her eye for detail and critical analysis to distill and communicate the return on investment to Geneva Global’s clients.

During her initial years with Geneva Global, Beth helped manage a portfolio of programs focused on addressing human trafficking in India, Nepal, and Ethiopia on behalf of the Freedom Fund. Currently, she works with the Girls First Fund, a pooled philanthropic fund that supports communities to end child marriage.

Prior to joining Geneva Global, Beth applied her business acumen and project management expertise to lead fair trade, economic empowerment initiatives. Engaging in the intersection of business and international development sparked her passion for investing in local, innovative solutions to bring about sustainable social change.

Beth holds a Bachelor’s degree and MBA in Economic Development, with a concentration in Urban Development, from Eastern University.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

The constant opportunity for growth and learning, on both a personal and professional level. Whether it is seeing someone handle a difficult situation with grace, being challenged with a new approach to international development, or figuring out how to manage an everchanging workload, Geneva Global offers a unique environment for continuous learning that harnesses the expertise and leadership of its staff.

What’s your best travel advice?

Find something similar to collect in each country you travel. It is a great representation of the world’s array of culture and art as each country has a unique interpretation.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

The organization’s innovative, intentional, and thoughtful approach to development and philanthropy. In international development, it can be easy to miss opportunities for change and transformation because of blindspots and an unwillingness to accept when things are not working. I appreciate Geneva Global’s commitment to critically analyzing and reforming its programs to ensure that they achieve the greatest and most effective impact possible, while seeking to respect the rights and realities of the communities in which we work.

What brings you joy?

Though the list is long, there is nothing like a good yard sale, bubble tea, walks with my dog, Quincy, and trying new foods.