Ava Lala


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Ava is a director and team leader in the consulting practice, helping clients envision and successfully execute their social impact initiatives. She is part of the company’s senior leadership team, helping to shape the company’s strategic direction and growth.

Ava brings her extensive marketing, communications, and project management skills to lead teams and vendors in developing and implementing high-quality deliverables for corporations, foundations, nonprofits, and other organizations. She applies her expertise in the user experience to help clients better communicate with, connect to, and influence their intended audience.

She is currently stewarding the brand launch for a new philanthropic initiative driven by a consortium of leading foundations across the U.S. and U.K. Ava is also leading the strategy and development of a suite of content for a leading private bank and their high-net-worth clients.

Ava began her work at Geneva Global leading the company’s marketing, communications, and business development strategy and activities. She helped reshape the company’s positioning in the market, spearheaded the company’s rebranding activities, and created a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase Geneva Global’s market awareness and drive new client growth.

Ava is passionate about using for-profit business models to create social impact. She championed and led the process to turn Geneva Global into a certified B Corporation and has been active in Philadelphia’s social entrepreneurship and impact investing networks.

Before joining Geneva Global, Ava spent 12 years at SEI, a global financial services company, where she led global marketing for one of the company’s five business divisions.

Ava has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Villanova University and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Michigan.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

To be good in my role, I have to keep my pulse on all the amazing work that’s happening in the company. I love that I get to collaborate and learn from so many of my colleagues, and have a lot of variety in my work.

What brings you joy?

One of my simplest pleasures is driving with the windows down on a 80-degree day with the music blasting, singing along to an awesome song, and totally oblivious to the fact that I’m off key and getting strange looks from other drivers.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

I love the intersection of business and social change, and Geneva Global fits squarely there. The fact that the company has expertise in international issues was also compelling, since that’s something that personally resonates with me.

How many countries have you visited?

24. Is it nerdy that I have a spreadsheet that tracks this?