Anya Tudisco

Senior Associate

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As a Senior Associate on the Donor Advising Team, Anya is a strategic problem-solver, with a knack for asking thoughtful questions and building authentic relationships at all levels. Anya brings an interdisciplinary, intersectional approach to her work, informed by a background across the nonprofit, government, and social enterprise sectors. She leverages this experience to support funders to have a sustainable, equitable impact in the areas that matter most to them.

A pragmatic optimist, Anya is motivated to address growing global crises and inequities head on. She has woven a meaningful path by seeking and supporting the individuals and institutions who focus on achievable, equitable solutions – without wasting time on the narrative of hopelessness.

Anya is an energetic and effective orchestrator, communicator and community-builder. She comes to Geneva Global with significant program and people management experience across the social change sector. Prior to joining Geneva Global, she served as the Senior Manager of Public Engagement & Business at The OpEd Project, a social impact venture elevating the voices and ideas of a global community of underrepresented leaders. In her role, she oversaw the development and delivery of leadership programs for thousands of social changemakers and managed partnerships with foundations, corporations, universities and nonprofits. Prior to this, Anya supported fundraising and housing advocacy efforts at Coalition for the Homeless in New York City and provided benefits support to low-income seniors at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.

Originally from Seattle, WA and based in New York City since 2016, Anya derives joy from time spent with close friends and family, being in nature, music and the arts, and travel – both around NYC’s five boroughs by foot and bike, and domestically and internationally. Anya holds a B.A in Sociology and History from Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. She spent a semester studying sustainable development and community radio in Jaipur and Bangalore, India. Anya lives in Brooklyn with close friends she met during Avodah, a yearlong Jewish service program.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

Supporting funders to have the greatest positive influence with their time, resources, and philanthropic visions sustains my optimism amidst a world of intensifying inequities and crises. The powerful combination of capital – and the drive to leverage it for lasting social impact – moved me to this work.

Additionally, organizations focused on social change work are not immune to the systemic inequities they are built to address. It was important to me to find a professional home that supports staff to stay in this work for the long haul. Geneva Global has an exemplary, wonderful team and a culture of transparency and collaboration. This is a key factor in fueling our respected track record with clients!


How many countries have you visited?

23 (but inspired and motivated by my grandmother’s 92!)

What book, film, or quote has shaped the way you think?

“Make for yourself a teacher, and acquire for yourself a friend; judge all people with the scale weighted in their favor.” – Pirkei Avot (a collection of Jewish ethical texts)

In short, I feel this quote represents my approach to connection – with myself and all others. Everyone I meet – personally and professionally – is someone I can learn from. I endeavor to look beyond perceived lines of separation and stratification to see, and be seen, as we truly are.


What’s an interesting fact that others would not know about you?

When I first moved to New York City in 2016, I lived communally with 13 roommates as part of a yearlong social justice program. I traded (absolutely all) personal space for sharpened mediation skills and lifelong friendships – no regrets!