Abebe Jira

Program Manager, UNICEF

Abebe oversees planning, organizing, and developing Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Speed School Programs. He works to implement programs that are in line with Geneva Global’s strategic vision. Abebe is a seasoned professional who has accumulated a wealth of expertise in the field of education. He has extensive experience in school administration, planning, education management information systems, property, and finance administration.

Abebe is a Program Manager who is responsible for designing, coordinating, and improving Speed School Programs for Internally Displaced People (IDP) for Geneva Global. He works across a range of activities to deliver programs that align with Geneva Global’s strategic vision. He oversees the program to ensure new projects align effectively with Geneva Global’s mission and the program’s goals.

As Program Coordinator, Abebe’s key responsibilities include coordinating with education authorities and other relevant stakeholders to secure their consistent support to the implementation of Speed School classes and Self-Help Groups. He spends time strengthening the capacity of Implementing Partners and other stakeholders, working with the finance team to manage resources for programs and monitoring and supporting collaborative partners’ IDP Speed School program. Abebe is passionate about organizing and providing training and workshops, gathering feedback, presenting insights, and reporting on program performance to executive team and directors. He feels this is an opportunity to identifying areas for continual improvement and allows him to support the development of robust risk mitigation strategies, and ensuring relevant standards, process and regulations are upheld.

Abebe has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the education sector. Abebe Jira Lemma holds an MA in Educational Planning and Management from Addis Ababa University. He has many years of experience in school leadership, planning and education management information systems, property, and finance administration. He has served in many different capacities including as a high school teacher, high school principal, and has spent years working under the Ministry of Education as zone education department head, along with several other relevant roles with the ministry.

Why did you decide to work at Geneva Global?

I decided to work at Geneva Global because I visited Speed School classes which made me understand the Speed School model and methods that provide a second chance in education for out-of-school children. These visits and the effectiveness of the program motivated my decision to join Geneva Global

What’s your favorite part of your job?’

Visiting the fun, noisy Speed School classes.


What quote has shaped the way you think?

“Define today, this is an opportunity to work harder than yesterday”