Abebayehu Kassa

Program Coordinator, ECW-MYRP

Abebayehu has significant experience in the development sector in both the education and health sectors. He is currently the program coordinator of Geneva Global and UNICEF’s ECW-MYR program.

Abebayehu has rich experience in both the education and health sectors, focusing in sexual reproductive health as well as HIV/AID. He has strong interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, organizational, and teamwork skills. Abebayehu also has strong competencies in training and event facilitation. Before joining GGE, Abebayehu managed the coordination of different community-based projects/programs in distinct areas of Ethiopia, including SNNPR, Amhara, Oromia, Afar, Somali, and Addis Ababa. He is an ardent supporter of the accelerated learning program, which represents a second chance in education for poor and neglected children.

Currently, Abebayehu serves as program coordinator for the ECW-MYR program. He provides coordination and technical support for the implementation of the UNICEF-funded Education Cannot Wait (ECW) program and the Speed School program. He also organizes and provides training for different professionals working in ECW and Speed School programs. In addition, Abebayehu conducts frequent visits and discussions with government offices and GGE implementing partners to align the delivery of the program  with Speed School quality standards. He also prepares a quarter-based report for donors.

Prior to joining the Geneva Global Team, Abebayehu supported the Speed School program under a GGE implementing partner organization for several years as a training officer and program coordinator. He coordinated on behalf of Speed School the support of more than 15,000 out-of-school children, more than 14,000 mothers, more than 2,500 O-class children, and linked schoolteachers of different woredas of SNNPRs and Oromia. He also served on CWDs and women empowerment projects to improve maternal health and SRH/HIV/AIDS status of the community at the grassroots level. Abebayehu obtained a diploma and first degree from KMPU and Addis Ababa University in 1998 and, 2005 respectively, and now he is a candidate for a master’s degree program in Development Management. Abebayeu is now a candidate for a master’s degree program in Development Management.


What is your favorite aspect of the Speed School program?

I enjoy working with primary school age children and appreciate the teaching methodologies Speed School employs.

What’s an interesting fact that others would not know about you?

I am a very good footballer.

What is your favorite part of your job?’

Providing technical support and training in service of disadvantaged children.


What book, film or quote has shaped the way you think?

My favorite books are Nothing Under the Sky and Things Fall Apart (Chinua Achebe)