Geneva Global Launches Nepal Recovery Fund

Geneva Global, a philanthropic consulting firm, has launched the Nepal Recovery Fund in partnership with Capital for Good USA, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The fund provides donors with a way to get money quickly to the communities affected by the massive earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday, April 25th.

The Nepal Recovery Fund differs from other relief funds in that it focuses on an often-overlooked approach to disaster relief: working through indigenous, community-based organizations. The fund will support local organizations in the most adversely-affected regions, providing immediate relief and later rehabilitation and recovery work.

Of the 27.8 million people living in Nepal, about 83% reside outside of urban areas. The earthquake has affected 30 of the 75 districts of Nepal, with reports stating up to 90% of homes have been destroyed in some of the worst affected rural villages. Access to these villages has been damaged or blocked and communication is sporadic, making it even more difficult for outside aid agencies to get help to those who need it most.

“In disaster situations, you need a top-down strategy that’s usually facilitated by the international community and large NGOs, as well as a strong bottom-up approach that relies on community leaders and grassroots nonprofits to identify their needs, and take the lead in supporting their community,” says Doug Balfour, CEO of Geneva Global.

“Our staff located in Nepal, along with our long-standing implementing partners, know the local players and by focusing on these grassroots organizations, we can reach harder-to-access areas and empower local communities to lead their own recovery process.”

Geneva Global has been managing multi-million dollar development programs in Nepal since 2011, including an extensive program in Kathmandu. The company also has wide-ranging experience in managing pooled philanthropic funds and coordinating with local organizations to provide relief efforts since 2004, including work in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Haiti, and most recently with the Ebola Crisis Fund.