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Global Impact and Geneva Global join forces 10/9/2019 News & Press
Donors Recognize the Benefits of Outsourcing 9/18/2015 News & Press
The Ripple Effect of Early Childhood Development 9/25/2015 Blog
It’s Time to Get Creative with Syria Solutions 9/30/2015 News & Press
The Collision of Venture Capital and Philanthropy 10/5/2015 Blog
Geneva Global Cited as Disaster Relief Expert in Annual Giving Guide 11/9/2015 News & Press
Reading, Writing & Math in 10 Months? A Look at Speed Schools 3/10/2015 Video
Geneva Global Launches Nepal Recovery Fund 4/29/2015 News & Press
Record Number of Students Enrolled in Ethiopia Speed School Program 10/14/2013 News & Press
Geneva Global’s Anti-Slavery Partner Recognized by US State Department 7/3/2014 News & Press
Doing Good Great Named One of the Best Books on Philanthropy 12/23/2015 News & Press
Empowered Ethiopian Mothers Create Ripple Effect of Social Good 9/3/2015 News & Press
Accelerated Learning in Ethiopia: Of Stones & Schools 9/1/2015 News & Press
Geneva Global Eyes $10 Million Fund to Aid Syrian Refugees 8/30/2015 News & Press
Back to School: A Profile on Speed Schools 8/20/2015 News & Press
Solving Complex Social Problems Through Collaboration 6/17/2015 News & Press
Doing Good Great Book Review by Alliance Magazine 6/15/2015 News & Press
Nonprofits Mobilize in the Wake of Deadly Nepal Earthquake 4/27/2015 News & Press
Women’s Organizations Fighting Ebola Should be Funded as a First-Line Defense 4/8/2015 News & Press
A Charity Mindset Curbs the Impact of Philanthropic Dollars 2/25/2015 News & Press
City Philanthropy Reviews Doing Good Great 2/13/2015 News & Press
Combatting Neglected Tropical Diseases in Burundi: Lessons Learned 5/1/2014 News & Press
The Rise of Boutique Philanthropic Advisors 3/21/2014 News & Press
Women and Philanthropy: Power of the Purse 9/23/2013 News & Press
The Business of Modern Day Slavery 5/3/2013 News & Press
The Quest for Integrated Health Care 3/27/2013 News & Press
Optimizing Your Impact for Greater Good 1/6/2016 Video
Client Profile: How the Freedom Fund is Ending Modern Slavery 3/27/2015 Video
Ten Principles of International Giving 6/29/2012 Doug Balfour Blog
Women Pioneers in Philanthropy Have Changed the Game 3/7/2016 Alison Morse Blog
8 Ways to Better Engage Your Major Donors and Foundations 12/3/2013 News & Press
The Story of Geneva Global 8/4/2015 Video
What We Do for Clients 8/4/2015 Video
The Geneva Global Difference 8/4/2015 Video
Good Development 11/12/2012 Doug Balfour Blog
What Business Can Teach Philanthropists 6/24/2013 Doug Balfour Blog
What Makes for the Best Nonprofits 11/19/2013 Blog
Measuring the Impact of Advocacy 5/2/2014 Kasey Oliver Blog
Is a Small Business the Right Place to Start Your Career? 7/20/2018 Karen Robinson Blog
COVID-19 and Education: Emphasizing the Journey, Not the Destination 9/8/2020 Joshua Muskin Blog
Geneva Global Honored in 2018 Best For The World List 6/19/2018 News & Press
Perspectives on China’s Nonprofit Sector 5/19/2015 Blog
Creating Safe Migration Paths For Women 8/3/2015 Lexi Balfour Blog
What is Doing Good Great? 1/26/2015 Video
Critical Lessons in Disaster and Conflict Relief 2/19/2014 Blog
Doug Balfour Speaking at Nexus Global Youth Summit 5/13/2016 Event
Messaging Lessons You Can Steal from Our Rebranding Process 5/24/2016 Blog
Three Questions Facing Systems Entrepreneurs 1/9/2017 Blog
Geneva Global Listed as One of the World’s Top Philanthropy Advisers 6/13/2016 News & Press
Fusing Art & Science to Create Performance Philanthropy 7/1/2016 Video
Six Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Field Visit as a Donor 7/11/2016 Blog
Why We Invest in a Company Summit 8/10/2016 Doug Balfour Blog
​Geneva Global One of Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies 8/17/2016 News & Press
If You Build It, They Will Come. Maybe. Unless They Won’t. 8/29/2016 Blog
Why Coding Means More Than Computers for These Students 7/5/2017 Kathleen Kardos Blog
Why Your Theory of Change is Critical to Your Organization’s Impact 7/10/2018 Blog
Want Big Social Change? Find a Systems Entrepreneur 10/3/2016 Doug Balfour Blog
China Spotlight: Is There Really a Need for Foreign Philanthropy? 10/13/2016 Blog
What’s Your Philanthropic Style 1/23/2017 Blog
A Practical Alternative to Costly Impact Assessments 11/21/2016 Blog
When the “S” Word Defines You: How We Realized We’re Systems Thinkers 6/20/2017 Doug Balfour Blog
China Spotlight: What’s in It for Donors? 2/1/2017 Blog
Read This Before You Hire Another Development Officer 12/19/2016 Blog
Our Top Advice for the Investment-Minded Philanthropist 1/18/2017 Blog
Small Firm Cuts Big Deals to Fight Global Problems 10/4/2016 News & Press
The Systems Entrepreneur: Conquering Mount Everest, Together 1/30/2017 News & Press
It’s Time to Take Traditional Development to the Next Level 2/9/2017 Blog
Geneva Global Welcomes Dr. Joshua Muskin 2/28/2017 News & Press
Measuring Your Mission Like Your Money 3/3/2017 News & Press
Wealth Advisors Are Missing Opportunities if They’re Not Talking Philanthropy 3/10/2017 Karen Robinson Blog
Why We Joined the B Corporation Movement 3/13/2017 Blog
Real Change Requires a Realignment 4/13/2017 Doug Balfour Blog
The Art and Science of Building Donor Relationships 3/21/2017 Blog
Better Philanthropy Through Systems Change 4/6/2017 News & Press
Philanthropy: the search for the best way to give 4/19/2017 News & Press
Passing the Torch: Next-Generation Philanthropists 4/25/2017 News & Press
A 10-Step Framework for Optimal Social Change 5/24/2017 Blog
How to Measure the Impact of Advocacy 5/31/2017 News & Press
The Big Systems Change Question You Need to Ask 7/13/2017 Doug Balfour Blog
Asking the Hard Questions: 3 Considerations for Advocacy Success 7/17/2017 Christa Lane Hooper Blog
A Shortcut to Improve Program Impact: Interested? 8/4/2017 Blog
Why I’m Stepping Down as CEO 8/21/2017 Doug Balfour Blog
Four Key Elements for Successful Education Systems Change 8/28/2017 Joshua Muskin Blog
Continuous Assessment 8/28/2017 News & Press
Five Questions to Unlock Your Philanthropic Risk Profile 9/13/2017 Blog
Mind the Gap: Why Filling the “Missing Middle” is Critical to Changing Systems 9/19/2017 Doug Balfour Blog
An Interview with Systems Entrepreneur Talia Milgrom-Elcott 10/9/2017 Blog
Why You Should Care About B Corporations 11/1/2017 Blog
Speed School Program Recognized With Two Innovation Awards 11/10/2017 News & Press
Advice to future donors in Africa: work with the grassroots 11/16/2017 News & Press
What are Donor Darlings? 12/1/2017 Blog
Answer These Four Questions in Your Donor Messaging 12/1/2017 Kasey Oliver Blog
The Overlooked Inner Life of the Systems Entrepreneur 12/1/2017 Doug Balfour Blog
Geneva Global wins SmartCEO Philadelphia 2017 Corporate Culture Award 12/6/2017 News & Press
What is a Philanthropy Consultant? 8/2/2018 Danielle Khordi Blog
How 15 communities came together to rethink learning assessment 2/13/2018 News & Press
Doug Balfour’s Philanthropic Journey 2/15/2018 News & Press
Six Design and Implementation Dimensions to Promote Project Sustainability 2/27/2018 Joshua Muskin Blog
What It Takes to Make Donor Collaboratives Succeed 3/27/2019 Lindsay Burns Blog
How Two Leaders Are Changing the Refugee Sector 3/19/2018 Blog
Philanthropic Issue funds: Impact Opportunities for Donors and Non-Profits 4/11/2018 News & Press
Geneva Global brings a business mindset to big money philanthropy 7/11/2018 News & Press
Independent Evaluation Confirms Speed School’s Effectiveness 12/11/2018 Joshua Muskin Blog
How to Attract and Engage Long-Term Donors 10/4/2018 Alison Morse Blog
What it Takes to Succeed as a Philanthropy Consultant 10/31/2018 Blog
Why a Mix of Partners Helps Achieve Change 11/26/2018 Maria Horning Blog
Is Philanthropy a Charade? 1/10/2019 Blog
Why Some Donor Collaboratives Succeed—and Others Don’t 3/27/2019 Lindsay Burns Blog
Co-Creation: The Key to True Lasting Change 11/7/2019 Doug Balfour Blog
How We Helped the World’s Leading Philanthropists Give $3 Million to Hard-to-Reach Grantees 5/31/2019 Blog
Geneva Global Appoints Fund Director to Lead the Girls First Fund 5/31/2019 News & Press
Geneva Global Appoints Nathaniel Heller as Managing Director 9/5/2019 Blog
Integrating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion into our Company Culture 8/27/2019 Christa Lane Hooper Blog
The Strategic Philanthropist’s Approach to COVID-19 3/26/2020 Nathaniel Heller Blog
Statement on Black Lives Matter 6/9/2020 News & Press
Co-Creation: Finding Hope in the Coronavirus Crisis 4/28/2020 Doug Balfour Blog
Is Co-Creation Always the Answer to Major Problems? 1/23/2020 Doug Balfour Blog
Four Crucial Questions in Green-Lighting Co-Creation 2/25/2020 Doug Balfour Blog
Co-creation: Who’s Got the Power? 4/13/2020 Doug Balfour Blog
Tackling the Whiteness of Mass Participation Fundraising in the U.S. 6/26/2020 Nathaniel Heller Blog
Do foundations need program officers after all? 8/6/2020 Nathaniel Heller Blog