Helping Clients Achieve Systems Change

From providing advice and coaching to creating and managing systems change initiatives, our clients have relied on our expertise to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

Our work in action:

Helping EYElliance Develop Their Multi-Sector Coalition

EYElliance is a coalition of multi-sector actors working together to find solutions to the world’s unmet need for eyeglasses. With a lean team that needs to move quickly to galvanize action, they’ve engaged Geneva Global to serve as a strategic advisor and to augment their staff. From helping EYElliance refine their strategy and approach, to providing donor-facing materials that positions the organization as an agent of systems change, to identifying relevant partners to engage in their coalition, we provide the behind-the-scenes support that allows EYElliance to accelerate its impact.


Informing an Organization’s Strategic Direction

A nonprofit focused on securing girls’ right to education was at a critical juncture in their strategy. As they considered the various ways in which they could achieve their goal, they faced the important decision of whether they wanted to act as a social entrepreneur, implementing their own programs and aiming to scale their efforts, or to act as a systems entrepreneur, championing other organizations and harnessing existing efforts into a more coordinated movement. We facilitated a strategy session with their leadership team to weigh each option and understand what it would take for the organization to pursue a systems change agenda.


Mapping the Landscape of an Ecosystem

An organization was interested in investing in leadership development programs, but first wanted to understand what other organizations were active in this space and what they were doing. We helped hone their criteria and, using that framework, our team mapped the leadership development ecosystem to uncover the various actors, their functions, and how they related to and complemented one another. Having that ecosystem information helped the organization refine their strategic planning process and determine their best way forward.


Creating an Integrated Health Program

A client was interested in improving and strengthening the healthcare systems in poor, rural communities in developing countries. Our analysis of the situation found that one major challenge was the lack of coordinated action among various actors. We therefore created a pilot program called the Rural Health Integrated Network (RHIN) to increase coordination among stakeholders in a rural region in Namibia. The program brought together international, national, and regional stakeholders and included over 100 actors from government, civil society, academic partners, and the private sector. Our approach was built on direct partnership, collaborative dialogues, input platforms, and top-down and bottom-up feedback. Over the course of the three-year program, the initiative showed improved health system efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.