​Identify Opportunities

Our expertise can help you find the right opportunities at every stage in your growth. We provide research and analysis to help you understand the market, craft a strategy, and identify the best way to maximize your impact.

Our work in action:

Developing a Philanthropic Vision and Making it a Reality

A successful technology company decided to launch a “give back” program. The organization surveyed their staff and, based on the results, decided to focus their giving on children in need.

We researched and presented to the client’s leadership team the top twenty issues facing children, which led to the client selecting priority issues that aligned with their company and employee goals. We then helped the client to identify, create strategies for, and launch high-impact programs to make their corporate philanthropy program a reality.

Within less than a year, the programs we have developed and managed for the client have benefited nearly 15,000 children and their families.


Finding Opportunities for Learning and Programmatic Impact

A client was in the middle of a rapid growth phase, and needed help identifying the right types of grant opportunities across nine different sectors.

Leveraging the expertise of our staff and networks, we sourced 37 creative and impactful programs in new geographies. Each opportunity was presented to the client with context on the issue, implementing organization, and project—as well as an analysis of the potential impact and risk.


Assessing Capacity to Increase Impact through Partnerships

This client was exploring opportunities to increase their impact, and was interested in the trend toward donor partnerships.

As a first step, we conducted an audit to map the foundation’s strengths and weaknesses, identify resource gaps, and outline potential obstacles to pooled funding.

Our report analyzed the capacity for partnership, and provided recommendations on resourcing and partner strategy that helped this client weigh the advantages of this approach and take the next steps.


Analyzing the Philanthropic Sector and Performing a Competitor Analysis

A philanthropy association was weighing opportunities for growth.

We proposed a landscape study and competitor analysis to help this client understand their fit in the larger philanthropic sector—and how their service offerings compared to other organizations. We painted a picture of the sector by identifying more than 40 competitors, pointing out service gaps, and gauging risk and competition.

Using the report, the client judged the impact of expansion on its value proposition and long-term goals of inspiring greater giving in the US and abroad.