Create High-Impact Programs

We help our clients design exceptional granting programs that align with their goals and maximize their giving. From program design to running projects on the ground to evaluating results, we bring decades of experience to each stage of the granting program cycle.

Our work in action:

Building and Managing a Foundation’s International Development Programs

A client created a foundation and decided it was more cost effective to outsource its grant making.

For more than a decade, Geneva Global has helped the client to identify priority issues, and to design and manage highly-effective programs that not only positively impact lives, but also are designed to be sustainable, replicable, scalable, and have a multiplier effect.

Through our services, the client has granted over $80 million, benefiting more than 20 million people. Their foundation’s giving has brought new attention and new funding to global issues from neglected tropical diseases to anti-human trafficking.


Training Organizations on Program Management Processes

A client’s large foundation had gone through significant growth and they needed to create a common understanding of core program design and grant management concepts across their program management team.

We created and delivered customized, remote training for their teams in Asia, Latin America, and Europe, and ensured that training was relevant and practical by customizing content for each team, using current granting programs the team was working on.

Real-time feedback and post-training surveys indicated that trainings were highly relevant, provided a common language and tools for understanding and applying the foundation’s grantmaking philosophy, and gave the team useful tools for developing stronger, clearer proposals with grantees.

Learn more about our program management consulting work here.

Creating Meaningful Employee Engagement Initiatives

A client has been giving to development initiatives through its corporate social responsibility program for more than 15 years. Although they had employees that joined the organization in large part because of the company’s dedication to its philanthropic work, the employees were not deeply engaged with the funded projects.

To create a platform for connection and learning, we designed a multi-year corporate engagement program in which employees learned the basics of grant management.

From selecting projects, to designing pro-bono volunteer opportunities, to taking trips to the field, the participants have been able to experience first-hand the importance of the projects they support and have developed into emerging philanthropists in their own right.


Building Capacity for Stronger, More Sustainable Development

To maximize the impact of our clients’ funding, we help community-based partner organizations think strategically about their programmatic and organizational needs.

For example, we help a client fund 16 community-based organizations focused on reducing the prevalence of human trafficking and slavery. Working alongside the organizations’ leaders to determine potential areas of growth, we developed robust program-wide training and individualized capacity-building plans.

Examples include assisting partners to develop strategic plans and monitoring tools, strengthen financial management systems and internal controls, build advocacy and collective action skills, implement innovative income generation activities, and learn from each other by building communities of practice.

With the aim of supporting sustainable growth for the 16 organizations, we continue to support capacity building through the combined effort of in-house expertise, exposure visits, networking, workshops and individualized training, and technical experts.