​Collaborate with Others

​Making progress against the toughest global issues requires that passionate people—and organizations—work together to achieve long-term solutions. We provide the strategy and services to help you convene stakeholders, set up giving vehicles to facilitate philanthropic partnerships, and plan events. By leveraging our expertise and experience, you can create effective partnerships with powerful results.

Our work in action:

Convening Multi-Disciplinary Stakeholders for an International Learning Summit

A private foundation wanted to host a summit for key stakeholders working to improve outcomes for slum communities worldwide.

We planned and facilitated a two-day Dubai-based event, bringing together academic experts, entrepreneurs and business leaders, implementing organizations, and slum residents to identify best practices and synergies across programs in multiple countries. We coordinated logistics, identified speakers and participants, and selected facilitators.

In addition to event planning and goal-setting, we developed and implemented a media strategy, engaging members of the press, documenting stories and outcomes on social media platforms, and live tweeting from the summit—which resulted in the attention of regional media and a feature in the leading philanthropy magazine for the Middle East.


Creating Partnerships for Better Program Results

When creating international development programs on behalf of clients, we act as a neutral third party to foster collaboration across a variety of stakeholders.

For example, we select local organizations working in a specific location and addressing a priority issue and form them into a “community of practice” to focus resources, share best practices, and participate in capacity-building workshops. Designed for integrated and sustainable impact, this approach also creates the opportunity for greater involvement and advocacy with government, media, and local community stakeholders.

We’ve also collaborated with academic partners, involving them as evaluators, researchers, and technical advisors. In creating programs, we look for and create collaborative efforts that can yield more sustainable and effective impact, improving social return on investment for our clients.


Increasing Donor Collaborations through Pooled Philanthropic Funds

Donors are increasingly creating pooled philanthropic funds as a way to leverage giving and gain collective impact. From set up, to managing grants, to providing reporting to donors, we help clients with every step that’s needed to launch and manage a successful fund.