Secondary Education Curriculum Revision

October 14, 2021

In 2020, Geneva Global provided technical assistance and training to the Ministry of Secondary Education and Vocational and Technical Education of Mauritania to support its revision of the national secondary education curriculum.  The Minister had reached out to Geneva Global for this assistance after having read a blog on the value of condensing curricula to allow for more effective and holistic learning posted on the UNESCO/IIEP web site by our Senior Director | Education Team Leader, Joshua Muskin.  A short-term technical consultancy, the assistance began by orienting the ministry’s senior leadership to the conceptual and practical aspects of a curriculum that combines academic learning with practical relevance and the cultivation of the full range of 21st Century Skills.  In a second phase, a consultant from UNESCO joined to help accompany the curriculum development teams for all subject areas to incorporate practical applications of the core content and 21st Century Skills development.