Geneva Global Ethiopia Receives Special Recognition from Amhara Development Association

February 2, 2023

On October 2nd, 2022, Geneva Global Ethiopia (GGE) was recognized by the Amhara Development Association (ADA) for its “generous contributions for the social sector development of the Amhara Region.” The ADA was established as a nonprofit in 1992 to advance the social and economic progress of the Amhara region. Since then, the ADA has been a formative actor in the region and remains a critical partner and advocate for the Speed School program. “Getting recognition by such an association, representing such a huge population, means a lot. It is highly beneficial in accelerating our efforts, reaching more out-of-school children, and ensuring the right education for all students,” says Samuel Wollie, Director of Geneva Global Ethiopia. 

GGE’s implementation of Speed School in Amhara through and in collaboration with partners like ADA is highly relevant and necessary as the region has suffered the detriment of years of civil conflict. With close to 1,400 schools impacted, more than seven million students have been prevented from continuing their education. GGE advocates that an accelerated education approach is distinctly suited to this context, allowing students who have lost years of education to the conflict to make up for lost time and rejoin formal schooling without having to wait for their schools to be rebuilt. “We believe that under no circumstance or condition should a child’s right to education be obstructed,” asserts Mr. Wollie. He concludes, “We have a very good advocate in the Amhara Development Association. Getting such a partner and getting such recognition will grant us a good position, reputation, and very fertile ground to ensure the provision of quality education to all children in every context.”