Geneva Global’s education portfolio reflects our commitment to excellence in delivering innovative programs and outstanding outcomes for our clients. We work across education levels—from pre-primary to post-secondary—and across the education system—from the classroom to the senior levels of the ministry.

We engage the full scope of key actors, including communities, civil society, local and national education stakeholders, and international partners to raise access and quality in education in sustainable and scalable ways. This holistic approach is exemplified in our signature program: Speed School.

By The Numbers


Total Children Educated


In Grants Provided to Over 53 Local Civil Society Organizations


Mothers (or Other Guardians) Supported as Members of Self-Help Groups


Teachers Trained and Supported to Succeed


Speed School Classes Implemented or Funded by Government


Years of Funding and Supporting Education Programs

Geneva Global's success in the education sector can be attributed in large part to the commitment of our funders, stakeholders, collaborating partners and beneficiary communities. Here's what they have to say:

Link School Head Teacher

“To us as the Link School, Speed School has opened our eyes to the gaps that led the children to drop out in the first place. We are adopting Speed School methods in the other classrooms now to keep kids interested in school. Speed School facilitators are sharing their experience and our school teachers are adopting and practicing Speed School’s best practices.”

-Kullo Santa Oketa, Peche, Uganda

Mother of Speed School Alum & SHG Secretary

“We can see there is so much improvement. Our children were out of school for so long and then at the end they were stronger than every other student who had always gone to school. We are so proud! This [program] teaches them discipline and manners and brings us pride and joy! They are not lazy and are very committed and hygiene. The life skills are the most important part, it makes them better people."

-Odyek Geoffrey, 2018 Cohort, Uganda

Speed School Coordinator

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Geneva Global on the Speed School program as a collaborating partner in Uganda. I have witnessed the real meaning and purpose the Speed School program brings to the lives of children, parents and facilitators, alike. I am proud our organization is a partner of Geneva Global. In our time together we have not only impacted the lives of so many people, but we have also strengthened our own capacity as implementers and changemakers.

- Allan Nyero, Acholi Education Initiative

Geneva Global Education

Let’s Get Technical

The Geneva Global education team has helped bring impactful innovation from the classroom to the system level.

We bring a holistic approach to our work, because improving access and quality in formal education requires concerted effort on all fronts. Among the diverse aspects we cover are teacher training, gender equality and inclusion, pedagogy, parental and community engagement, system planning, workforce development, and curriculum. These come together in our renowned Speed School program but extend far beyond this, as well.

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Education Insights & Ideas

Geneva Global shares and learns from our experience through case studies, blogs, research reports, articles, and more.

We tell the stories of the partners many achievements with great pride and analysis. As we learn, we share lessons with the broader education development community, believing we have something valuable to contribute. At the same time, we hope to inspire both challenges to and affirmations of our methods and conclusions to help us continue to improve.

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The success of Geneva Global’s education programming results from the commitment, compassion, and collective intelligence of our Education Team and our many partners.

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