Geneva Global helps our clients mobilize their philanthropic education investments to improve lives around the world.

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We serve our clients with excellence to achieve outstanding, durable, meaningful impacts that help education systems provide children, their families, and their communities with the ability to visualize a better future and the skills and knowledge to realize that future.

Geneva Global and the Speed School program have received awards and recognition for innovation and impact from both international and national stakeholders.

Retired Assistant Commissioner Primary Education at the Ministry of Education and Sports


“Speed School is the best answer to the ensuring Uganda’s most disadvantaged children receive education and it is the answer to responding to the learning challenges that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

-Dr. Charles Tonny Mukasa Lusambu, Uganda

Education Excellence Award, Oromia Region, Ethiopia (2019)


In 2019, the Oromia Regional Education Bureau took the occasion of its annual assembly to recognize Geneva Global’s “great contribution to the growth of the education sector.”

State Minister, Federal Ministry of Education

“The adoption of the Speed School program in Ethiopia is the mark of the strong trust the Ministry [of Education] has built with Geneva Global. Our partnership is built on transparent and valuable interventions that bear fruit with clear, concrete results. The Ministry will uphold and scale [the partnership] in all regards. We appreciate Geneva Global for producing this highly valuable program, withstanding all the challenges in previous years.”

-Dr. Getahun Garedew, Ethiopia

Certificate of Recognition, Silite Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia (2021)


In 2021, the Silite Zone Education Office in SNNPR, Ethiopia, recognized Geneva Global’s “valuable contribution towards enrollment of children aged 9 to 14 who have never gone to school” by our implementation of Speed School.

Retired Professor of Education and Education Technologies

“The Geneva Global Speed School approach to teaching and learning is based on sound educational and learning theory. It is a method that works. The competency based, learner centered and active learning approach produces learners that are critical thinkers and confident in their approach to solving problems. This proven methodology should be fully integrated into Uganda’s teacher training programs.”

-Dr. Charles Kanyarusoke, PhD

Our Partners

Geneva Global counts among our partners the several clients on whose behalf we design, implement, and evaluate education programs and a variety of other products, the government agencies that run the systems in which we work, and the grantee civil society organizations that ensure the program’s ‘front-line’ delivery. All play vitally critical roles. Find out who these are below.

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