​Raising Funds for an Ambitious Goal

Our donor landscape study helped a foundation target new donors

A US-based foundation had received a multi-million dollar grant to lead a consortium of partners in the ambitious goal to eliminate malaria in two Caribbean countries. With the grant serving to anchor the program, the foundation needed assistance identifying other major donors to reach the total estimated funding need.  Their team had begun to put together a resource mobilization plan, but needed to act quickly and augment their existing expertise and knowledge.

The solution

We began by working with the client to determine the ideal donor profile in each of their three target segments: high-net-worth individuals, foundations, and corporations. This included screening criteria like giving capacity, geographic preferences, and interest in funding similar health initiatives, along with factors unique to each donor segment.

These parameters then guided our donor research phase, during which we drew on subscription services and tools to supplement publically-available resources.

We also developed an interview guide and conducted interviews with the foundation’s staff and consortium partners to gain additional insight into potential donors and trends in giving toward malaria elimination.

The research was carefully analyzed and distilled into an extensive donor landscape study that provided a database of potential donors, as well as a report on the trends toward giving to malaria in the Caribbean.

The results

The database of potential donors contained over 100 prospects, and had specific details that would help the foundation’s team craft targeted donor communications. We also provided a list of charities working in the region for potential coordination or partnerships.

The report on donor trends provided context on giving to malaria elimination, the unique context of giving in the Caribbean region, and lessons learned from similar initiatives. It also included strategic advice and insights to inform the fundraising strategy and help the foundation’s team target and communicate to potential donors.

With an aggressive fundraising target, our prospect research provided the foundation with the knowledge they needed to quickly and effectively begin their donor outreach campaign.