​Getting Clear with Communications

Crafting compelling messaging to support donor outreach

A global, multilateral organization came to us with an ambitious goal: to raise $15 million over three years to support the scale up of an agricultural initiative. This team of technical experts needed guidance on how to communicate the complex ecosystem of agricultural finance—and their plan for helping farmers—to a donor audience. The team also wanted help finding new donors to support the work.

The solution

We kicked off this project with a half-day workshop with the client to explore their unique selling proposition (USP) in the market and to pinpoint their strengths against their competition—as well as identify areas where their competitors have the advantage.

In mapping the ecosystem, we also uncovered how the client’s initiative complemented and enhanced the work of their competitors—a discovery which later informed our recommendations on their donor outreach strategy.

Armed with the initiative’s vision, strengths, and USP, we created a suite of messaging materials for the client that articulated how their work is making a difference in their field.

We developed a pitch deck framing the need, the solution, and the funding opportunities at different giving levels, accompanied by a one-page case for investment. To help guide the team during their outreach, we created a messaging map and script with key messages they could easily convey to donors and partners.

We concurrently conducted prospect research to identify new corporate and foundation donors.

This list of donor prospects was presented with specific recommendations on the messaging and outreach strategy for each organization. Additional strategic guidance included an analysis of the donor environment and positioning for the initiative.

The results

We delivered the messaging, materials, and script to equip the technical team to reach out to new donors and tell a compelling story about their work.

We helped the team develop practical fundraising skills and build knowledge about donor expectations and how to meet them.

We delivered a customized list of prospects to enable the organization to build partnerships to scale up their successful work.