​Reaching High-Potential Donors

Our end-to-end customized major donor relationship management and communications helped attract $1 billion in funding

A small, newly-formed team within a large US family foundation was tasked with identifying and securing private donor partners to co-invest in the foundation’s strategies and contribute to building a culture of philanthropy in key emerging markets.

The solution

Initially, Geneva Global worked with this client to develop investment cases that translated the foundation’s technical program strategies into donor-facing materials.

The target audience for co-investment was ultra-high-net-worth individuals including entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and leading philanthropists.

We therefore applied our communications expertise to not only convey the “heart” of each issue, but also the “head”-analyzing risk, mapping costs against similar interventions, and providing data on anticipated impact.

The success of the investment cases, coupled with donor prospecting, resulted in a new market of private donors looking to co-invest with the foundation.

Getting to “yes” was only one part of the equation; this small team needed additional support to manage donor inquiries, track data on each investment, and communicate with each donor.

As the number of potential and existing donor partners grew, Geneva Global was able to provide the foundation’s team with behind-the-scenes, day-to-day support, including:

  • Research and strategy development to identify and reach donors internationally
  • Brief for meetings with new prospects
  • Donor marketing materials, including concept notes and tailored investment cases to match donor interests to the foundation’s program strategies
  • Processes for payments from donors to selected grantees
  • Grant management
  • Data-intensive, customized donor reporting
  • Data management of all partners and financial records, including the creation of a customized donor management system

The results

The portfolio of private donors has expanded exponentially to include more than 50 donors and five philanthropic funds that have co-invested more than $1 billion to specific projects and initiatives selected by our client.

Despite this growth, the foundation’s team has maintained its same staffing level by using our team for flexible, scalable support over the course of our multi-year relationship.