Take a Deep Dive into our New Education Webpages

Geneva Global recently launched our new Education Team webpages where you can learn more about our work, core principles, accomplishments, and capacity in the education sector, and more. Below is a glance at what’s featured across our new pages: Education Homepage, Let’s Get Technical, Education Insights & Ideas, and About Us. 

On our Education Homepage, you can: 

  • View our latest resources, activities, and news 
  • Get an overview of our work in education and impact across geographies 
  • Hear directly from Speed School teachers, coordinators, and parents about the program’s impact 
  • Learn our core education principles 
  • Head to our additional pages (Let’s Get TechnicalEducation Insights & Ideas, and About Us) 
  • Sign up for our Education Newsletter 
  • Reach out to the team with any questions

On our Let’s Get Technical page, you can: 

  • Dive deeply into our areas of education expertise 
  • Learn about the Speed School program, including its background, scope, core model, evidence of success, and more 
  • Uncover the “Secret Sauce” of Speed School, including its instructional methods, self-help groups, condensed curriculum, and holistic training approach 
  • Download technical documents that cover everything from an “Introduction to Small Group Management” to “Teaching Creativity 

On our Education Insights & Ideas page, you can: 

On our About Us page, you can: 

  • Learn more about our work beyond Speed School 
  • Check out some of the awards and recognition our work has garnered  
  • View lists of our partners, including clients, NGOs, academic institutions, and government offices 
  • Meet the highly experienced, dedicated team of professionals from our three country offices: U.S., Ethiopia, and Uganda  

For more information, please reach out to Dr. Joshua Muskin, Senior Director and Education Team Leader at jmuskin@genevaglobal.com