Launching the Vaccine Confidence Fund with Facebook and Merck

We’re thrilled to be working with Facebook, Merck, and our parent organization Global Impact to launch the Vaccine Confidence Fund. The Fund is officially live and sharing a request for proposals (RFP) to support targeted research on how best to use social media and online platforms to better understand and increase vaccination confidence and uptake.

About the Alliance

The Alliance for Advancing Health Online comprises actors from the technology, health, global development, and academic sectors that have joined forces to advance public understanding of how social media can best be utilized to better understand and increase the health and resiliency of communities around the world. Alliance members currently include the CDC Foundation, Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, World Bank, Sabin Vaccine Institute, Facebook, and Merck & Co. The Alliance is in further discussions with other relevant organizations, and membership may ultimately expand to include additional organizations.

Call for Proposals

The Alliance is pleased to launch a request for proposals (RFP) for research supported by the Vaccine Confidence Fund. Facebook and Merck & Co. are financially sponsoring the independent Fund. This Fund is seeking proposals that address the primary research question: How can social media be best utilized to better understand and increase vaccination confidence and uptake?

Understanding how social media can contribute to vaccine uptake is this Fund’s north star. Recognizing the complexity of this challenge, and that vaccination confidence is the pathway to vaccine uptake, this Fund is interested in pursuing new and transformative approaches – ideally leveraging interdisciplinary partnerships – to addressing the immediate challenges of increasing vaccination confidence and uptake for COVID-19 and routine immunization. We also highly encourage proposals that focus on reaching historically marginalized or excluded populations globally and are authentically considerate, aware of, and proactively addressing the significant barriers those populations experience. Finally, this Fund is keen to support research that can be immediately actionable and valuable for the global health community rather than highly theoretical.

The Fund is interested in proposals which can articulate findings that have either immediate or potential impact on the way we understand vaccination confidence or uptake in communities. However, this Fund is also acutely aware of the ambitious timeline and appreciates that critical data (e.g., data from vaccination centers/health clinics) needed particularly for assessing impact likely will not be publicly available during the actual research implementation. As such, where impact data may not be available, this Fund is open to other ways of capturing interim results or measurements (e.g., self-reported data) and particularly welcomes new ideas on how to tackle this issue.

For more information on how to apply, please visit the official RFP.

Geneva Global is honored to work alongside Global Impact in supporting this crucial research initiative.