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Welcoming Geneva Global’s New CEO

I’m excited to announce that David Dahlin will be joining Geneva Global as its next CEO. After 10 years of running Geneva Global, I felt it was in the best interest of the company to bring in fresh thinking, new insights, and a different set of skills. And in David, we get that and so much more.

I’ve known David off and on for over 20 years. We first met while working on a joint project while I was the CEO of Tearfund UK and David was Chief Operating Officer of Compassion International. From those initial interactions, I was impressed with his leadership, communication, and people skills.

David eventually became the Executive Vice President of Compassion International, where he was responsible for the leadership and management of one of the fastest-growing and largest INGOs with 3,000 staff, a $650 million budget and a presence in 30 countries.

After David left Compassion, I asked him to lead Geneva Global through a strategy development process and manage a few other special projects for the company. We greatly benefited from his leadership, unique perspective and broad skill set. So when I thought about who to entrust with stewarding Geneva Global through an exciting new time of growth and expansion, David naturally rose to the top of my list.

I think David is exceptionally well-suited to lead Geneva Global and to help it fulfill its vision of being the most innovative and effective philanthropic consultants in the world. In addition to his expertise in organizational management and strategy, David has extensive knowledge about international development, arts and culture, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Everyone I’ve talked to that has worked with David thinks highly of his abilities and integrity.

David will start as CEO on April 2, 2018. I will remain the owner of the company and will transition to a non-executive Chairman role, providing guidance and strategic input and helping wherever David and the rest of the management team sees best fit.

Please join me in congratulating and welcoming David.



I am thrilled at the opportunity to rejoin Geneva Global at this important time of transition in leadership. I have always had a deep respect for Doug and his vision and tenacity for doing good great. I gained great respect for the team of professionals at Geneva Global when I worked alongside them four years ago. I was impressed with the company’s innovative program models and its extensive research, communications, and donor engagement offerings. I was also intrigued by the company’s potential to redraw the boundaries between traditional charitable giving and commercial enterprises and to leverage the positive impact of both.

I believe deeply in humanity’s collective ability to design society in ways that work for the common good and create a healthy and sustainable future. In the last 25 years that I have been working in international and domestic development, we have made such incredible progress in the areas of health, education and human rights. We’ve seen child mortality and conditions of extreme poverty drop by more than half. We’ve seen the rights of women, children, and minority groups gain ground on many fronts.

And yet, we see so many of those gains at risk today. Whether it be from religious or political intolerance and extremism, growing nationalism, or climate change, many of our hard-fought gains are at risk. At the same time, we have new generations of social entrepreneurs and philanthropists who are taking bold steps to address intransigent problems, providing leadership and taking immediate action.

I am excited to lead Geneva Global as we work together to design innovative approaches to more effectively move the levers of change in the right direction. I am excited to apply Geneva Global’s decades of expertise and learning to current challenges and opportunities and continue to raise the bar on the sector’s expectations for philanthropy to perform—to actually see results, not just good effort.

With a brilliant team of social architects within and outside our organization, we can unleash the full potential of the philanthropic sector and transform hundreds of millions of people’s lives as a result.